Company policy – Preparation plant in Ústí nad Labem

LINDE VÍTKOVICE Inc. – Preparation plant in Ústí n.L. manufactures porous material for acetylene cylinders, sells the cylinders and provides ecological disposal of such old cylinders.

Success from all the activities depends on the production process effectiveness while meeting all the quality, environment and work safety requirements, that are obligatory for all company staff. The company commits itself continually improving and maintaining the set integrated management system of quality, environment and work safety. The system is carried on according to the requirements of the norms ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and also OHSAS 18001.

The main company goal is to fill the front market position worldwide and to be perceived and valued as a company, that acts according to the customers requirements. To achieve all goals the company management commits itself continually ensuring customer satisfaction, environment protection, safety work and furthermore:

  • Creating and providing sufficient material and financial sources.
  • Expanding of the production assortment offer according to customers needs while following required quality .
  • Product inovation depending on the changes of appropriate standards.
  • Requiring needed quality from the suppliers side.
  • Supporting of all processes and it´s monitoring.
  • Modernizing and enhancing production technologies and procedures continuously.
  • Prefering the prevention instead of removing consequences of environmental impacts.
  • Improving the management and efficiency of the organisation continuously at all fields of the integrated system.
  • Communicating about the integrated policy to all personnel and public.
  • Increasing the professional level and responsibilities of personnel in the field of the environmental protection and work safety by regular planning and staff training so to ensure the professional development and keep the knowledge about the importace of their work for the company outcome.
  • Consciousness of workers responsibility for the safe work and protection of their own health.
  • Leading the employees to actively implementing the principles set out in this policy within their competencies and responsibilities.
  • Permanent fulfillment of all statutory limits and legal requirements and orther requirements, to which the company commits to and which relates to hazards in the areas of environment and health and safety.
  • Observing all regulations stipulated by the law and aplication of these requirements into all the company activities.
  • Ensuring periodic internal audits, devices revisions and appropriate documentation.
  • Periodic analyzing of environment and health and safety company profile and plant controlls.
  • Frank communication and cooperation with all interested parties in the field of environment protection and health and safety at work.
  • Continuously enhance and increase the effectiveness and performance of processes, product quality, the level of environmental protection and work culture, and to create friendly working environment.
  • Ensure a safe, harmless and healthy working environment.
  • Prefer the prevention instead of removing consequences of environmental impacts.
  • Prevention of injuries and health damage.
  • Systematic search and risk assessment, adoption and implementation of precuation to prevent risks.
  • Asserting the outlined policy and cooperating with personnel in executing and regular reviewing its suitability, efficiency and adequacy.
  • Continuous searching of secondary utilization of produced waste and reduction of production of hazardous waste.

In Ústí nad Labem, 15th September 2017

David Batěk
Company Director