Development and characteristics of filling mass

Linde Vítkovice, Inc. assigns great importance not only to working environment, but also to nature and environment protection in general. We believe, that great amount of greenery on our manufacturing plant grounds is an evidence that these words are not just idle talk.

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We assigns great importance not only to working environment, but also to nature and environment protection in general


Another proof of the environment high importance for us is a fact, that in 1993 we started working on the substitute of environmentally unsuitable and hazardous mass for acetylene cylinders with dangerous asbestos content. Cooperating closely with several research institutes we started working on development of new filling materials. The result of this difficult process is our main know-how: new filling mass UL1 (for acetone solvent) and UL2 (for DMF solvent), that are utterly environmentally safe both in production and at its eventual disposal.

UL1 and UL2 – new, ecological, asbestos-free porous materials with exceptional characteristics

  • Hold a larger amount of acetylene
  • Completely ecological during manufacture and eventual disposal
  • Completely safe – prevent acetylene decomposition
  • High-quality – fluent release of acetylene without whipping of the solvent
  • Practically unlimited product life
  • Approved for all cylinder types in almost all European countries

The new materials are of exceptional high quality and durable. Acetylene releases completely evenly, and no acetone or DMF is whipped of and released out of the cylinder along with the gas stream. Besides, contrary to the older materials, the new mass in cylinders is not cracking and do not crumble in a long-term use, that is why its life is practically unlimited.


The basis of these masses is calcium silicate with the addition of glass fiber, which creates a firm structure in the final product form with a porosity of up to 91.5%. The unique physico- chemical characteristics of the mass UL1 and UL2 were verified by the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing in Berlin, and based on their excellent results they are now widely used not only in EU countries, but almost all over the world.

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