• Material Manufacture

    It’s almost unbelievable that from several basic raw materials can come an exceptionally high-quality material with excellent sorption and desorption characteristics, capable of meeting demanding safety and environmental protection standards.
  • Acetylene Cylinder Refurbishing

    We perform professional refurbishing of all brands of acetylene cylinders for reasonable prices.
  • Acetylene Cylinder Disposal

    We are one of the few facilities in Europe and perhaps even in the world to use a certified, officially approved ecologically safe disposal procedure for acetylene cylinders containing dangerous asbestos material.
  • Periodic Testing of all Gas Cylinders

    We are licensed to perform periodic testing of all high-pressure gas cylinders (not just acetylene). The test includes the application of new colour designation to the cylinder according to its usage.
  • Colouring of Cylinders

    We blast away the old paint and apply new primer and surface paint electrostatically for better paint adherence to the substrate. We use only high-quality, abrasion-resistant, ecologically safe and water-soluble epoxy or polyurethane paints.
  • Cylinder Bundle Manufacture

    We also manufacture high-pressure cylinder bundles, both acetylene and atmospheric gases. We offer two types of bundles, T61 (4x4) and T46 (3x2), the difference between the two types being in the number of cylinders in the bundle, and therefore the number of litres.
  • Acetylene saturation

    At customer´s request we perform cylinders saturation with acetylene. Saturation consists in acetylene saturation of the solvent contained in the cylinder.
    The gas amount in a cylinder is determined according to the cylinder volume and type of the solvent.

Production of porous mass of acetylene cylinders

Our main activities include the manufacture of porous materials for the interior of acetylene cylinders and their filling, renovation and disposal of acetylene cylinders, painting and periodic testing of high-pressure cylinders, and manufacture of cylinder bundles...



Regular services

  • Filling new acetylene cylinders with UL1 (for acetone solvent) or UL2 (DMF solvent) porous material
  • Filling cylinders with solvent
  • Fitting of valve and cap
  • Painting cylinders with water-soluble paints
    (upon customer request)
  • Handover in accordance with Decree No. 199/36/EC
  • Packaging of bottles on Euro pallets

Additional services Acetylene

  • Arranging complete delivery of new acetylene cylinders (cylinder, UL1 or UL2 material, valve and cap)
  • Filling cylinders or bundles prepared by us with acetylene
  • Saturation – filling with small amount of acetylene
  • Removal of original material from steel cylinders and their cleaning
  • Complete ecological disposal of old pressure cylinders (including asbestos ones)

Additional services All gases

  • Manufacture of bundles from new cylinders
  • Periodical tests of new cylinders and cylinder bundles